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Do NOT use them
ONE viewer in SIX months (who made an accepted Offe, as it's a gorgeous immaculate apartment).
Andrew Kelly did NOT 'nail down' this offer & lost it.
Never available to contact, esp by phone.
ALL the photos in the listings/blurb were...MY OWN!
AK's admitted theirs were unusable.
After 6 months, at my suggestion Open Day was arranged...but they wouldn't host it.
I did it myself...though I live 40 miles away.
They have, EIGHT DAYS later, still not contacted me in any way to ask how it went!!...
...despite the fact that I immediately emailed a potential very interested Viewer's name+number to them...& asked them to follow up, to let me know what else we could try etc.
I MYSELF did the follow up...and therefore know, because she told me, that they have never been in touch with her.
Such incompetence and disinterest is staggering.
Wish a 0* rating was possible...   10-05-15